Blog Update: Quality of Life Improvements

As the blog grows, the more time I allow myself to work on it. This is a quick blog related post.

Today I've improved the blog with several quality of life features:

  1. The articles now show an estimate of how much time you need to read it.
  2. Pagination at the bottom that ensures not too many articles get loaded at once.
  3. Long form article support.
  4. An actual footer with some secondary links.
  5. An about page! Hopefully clearly stating my plans with this blog.

About the long form article: I will need to write longer, 'more valuable' content if I ever want to hit high up on the search machines. I am currently actively exploring keywords and topics that I can chase after. Nothing really changes for you but a button that says "Read article" instead of displaying the whole post on the homepage. :)

Hope you are having a great weekend so far! See you in tomorrow's newsletter.

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