Websites Loading Could Speed Up 7x With This

A new method has been introduced that can help reduce the time to load a website by 50% or more! It could be one of the most impactful new ways of displaying pages on the internet.

It only works in the Chromium project for now. The project that is used to make Google's Chrome internet browser. It might come to us the common people, once all developers have agreed. Mozilla, the makers of the internet browser Firefox, believe the method to be 'prototype worthy'.

The 'content-visibility' property allows web makers to tell the browser what to skip when displaying a website the first time it loads. That means that the computer does not need to calculate what is not immediately visible (e.g. you need to scroll down for it).

It might speed up the web significantly in the future. That's very exciting.

Source: content-visibility: the new CSS property that boosts your rendering performance

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