The Business Value of Product Design

Too often we teach young designers about 'user centered' design without talking about why. There is nothing altruistic to the business of “providing a great experience for the user”.

Here are eight ways how designers create business value. Just like any other profession.

Product design as a service can:

  1. Reduce development costs, because it makes estimating effort more accurate and guided.
  2. Avoid expensive mishaps and avoid inefficient solutions being implemented.
  3. Increase organic engagement and retention rate by making sure that the interface is predictable, comfortable and convenient.
  4. Enable the ability to manipulate desired interactions that can increase revenue.
  5. Increase sales by making sure we reduce the frustration of the potential buyer and motivate them to a purchase.
  6. Help identify future opportunities. With testing and research we are able to quantify the needs and wants of the target audience.
  7. Benefit in gaining a competitive advantage. With well researched design you're able to deliver a more usable, satisfying and engaging experience than your competitor.
  8. Get you and your company more credibility, because good design increases the perception of quality, competence and professionalism.

All that is why successful companies are investing in top-notch product design. It's because apps with a great user experience far outperform those without.

And that brings in the money.

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