Rudderless and a Sense of Progress: What Brings 2021?

A few days ago my wife told me she wanted to plan for her future professional career. After a few hours, we arrived at her mission statement.

“To use creative arts and crafts to visualise heartwarming brand stories to make them positive, memorable experiences.”

That statement allowed us to set objectives, expectations and actual tasks. It gave us a sense of direction.

And it feels great…

I will turn 30 in 2021. It is both exciting and terrifying.

When I was younger, I had a mantra. “When I grow up, I want to have no unnecessary inconveniences”.

It was some sort of immature mission statement. That statement stuck, however. Especially as a professional designer. It gave me something to work towards.

I realise that I need a more effective mission statement for life. Something that helps me measure progress. A general direction in which I can create. Or even match future employees to.

Although with a certain sentiment, I still believe in a world where every company has the opportunity to produce software that doesn’t get in the way of, but facilitates being human.

That doesn’t get in the way of mental health. Or, be used for the manipulation of populations.

I wondered: how can I be of help to that vision? Well, I could help ethical software companies thrive by making product design accessible and valuable to them.

That’s what I will do in 2021.

I wish you, and your family, all the best. May 2021 be less straining. You can find my wife’s amazing portfolio here: Illustrator Julia's Portfolio

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