Your designer delivered the logo for your new business. She guarantees that it will blow away the competition. That it will be in people's hearts forever.

It's essentially the new Nike logo.

Here are three ways to test whether your logo is as good as she claims it is.

1. Use the Draw Test

Take a pen and paper. Cover up the logo with your hand or turn off your monitor (don't cheat, you).

Now, draw your new investment within 3 seconds. Don't complain you can't draw. Just do it.

Does the result look anything like the logo? If that was an impossible task, you want to reconsider using the mark for your business.

Drawing it is a good exercise to test the memorability of the mark, as well as the simplicity of it.

Drawing a logo is a great exercise to test the memorability and simplicity.

2. Look at It From All Distances and Angles

Put your brand mark on a sticky note and put it on the wall. Now step back a few meters. Is the logo still recognizable?

A good logo works on both huge billboards and cramped up in the corner of a business card. It’ll be a pain in the butt when the mark becomes a mess at about 50 pixels width. Trust me.

Now turn it, rotate it, and mirror it. As long until you see either a fascist symbol, a sign of racism, or something phallical. Heaven forbid all three of them. (Sent me that logo. I want to see that!)

Imagine the cost replacing the logos on all the packages, labels, and trucks. Just because a 12 year-old started to snicker when he looked at the mark.

Better catch that mistake before expenses are made.

3. Print It in Black and White

If a logo loses any potential when you strip it from its colours: it's a bad logo.

If your logo relies on colour to be recognisable – it's a bad logo.

If your logo design passed all three tests: Congratulations! You are one step closer on becoming the successful brand you dream to be.

I will leave you with one pro-tip: Let someone else do these tests with your mark too. Observe how well they do.

There it is. Surprisingly quick ways to test your mark. Try it with the great like Apple, Nike, or McDonald's.

Leave a comment with your results! I am genuinely curious. Did you pass? What do you think of this test?