Keeping Focus (Introducing OKRs in my life)

I find it hard to keep my focus on one thing. It's been like that all my life.

Just a few minutes ago I wanted to completely redo this website.

I shouldn't. I need a system which helps me focus my efforts. So that I actually complete things.

In, one of my favorite pieces of sofware, I have defined Objectives and Key Results for myself. Per quarter I have defined some objectives.

Here's a screenshot:

It really does work. I will see if I can share it some day.

Inspired by Ali Abdaal's Building A Second Brain - Deep Dive with Tiago Forte , I have decided to keep better track of what I learn and what I do.

A CSS Snippet That Makes Any Html Page Look Good

I occasionally get (legal) texts send by customers. Usually exported in horrible HTML formatting via a WYSIWYG editor. I use the following style to make it look presentable, before I send it to our app developers.

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Do Not Waste Hours Finding Your Unique Selling Proposition (Here Is How, Quick and Easy)

When you Google 'how do I find my unique selling proposition' the first results will probably tell you to 'list all the features of your company that makes you unique'.

What if I told you that there is a better way of getting to your USP?

I can imagine you spend countless hours trying to find the thing that makes you unique. But everything has been done before there's nothing special about you.

What you understood about a Unique Selling Proposition might be wrong.

Having a unique selling point does not mean that your company has to be unique. It means what you're selling needs to be unique in the mind of your audience.

If that is a unique feature of your product great! But what if such an advantage does not exist for you? Does that mean you can't compete? Not at all.


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