Finding the Right Balance Between Creative and Effective Design

People think of 'design' as expensive and simply pretty objects. Yet, we also all know the saying: “Form follows function” (coined by architect Louis Sullivan). Where the line between creativeness and effectiveness lies, is hard to tell.

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Picking a Niche and the Success of This Blog

I've been reading several books on writing a successful blog, good personal brand and everything in between. (Zak Slayback's How To Get Ahead and Platform by Michael Hyatt are definite highlights.)

They are all practically the same strategy. I'll summarize them:

  1. Set a goal for yourself.
  2. Pick a niche target audience.
  3. Satisfy a proven need of this audience.
  4. Write a message/story you want to keep repeating.
  5. Be consistent and keep going.

That is why I have decided –after long thought– to focus on making the design industry accessible for all. Demystifying designer news, processes, and provide commentary on industry trends from the perspective of a layman.

This means my target group are people that see the benefit of design, but don't feel the need to understand it deeply.

The business owners that want results, but don't have time to plough through design books.

The good people from non-profits, that are looking for understanding what they can do to improve their...

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Find Similar Websites to the One You Like

I wanted to give you a cool trick I use occasionally.

Google allows you to search for related websites to the one you entered.

All you do is use the related: keyword followed by the URL of the original website.

Google Search Bar Related Searches has a comparable function, although it seems only the first five results show. Unless you sign up for their service.

Blog Update: New Domain Name, Extra Functionality and Email List

It's exciting to see that the blog is growing. As of today we've hit 300+ unique visits! That might not sound a lot, yet I think that is the most traffic this site has ever seen.

No worries. The analytics are completely anonymous and GDPR compliant. Read my privacy policy here.

I have introduced two new features to the website.

  1. The single article views now have a 'previous post', 'random', and 'next post' link. According to analytics (and common sense) a big part of my visitors bounced on those pages. This will help the visitor discover more posts.
  2. On the homepage, every three posts I will ask the visitor to join my little email list. 15 awesome people have subscribed already! I appreciate each one of you. See you tomorrow in your inbox! 😄

As you might have noticed, the blog has a new domain name. I hope the current ( gives the website just that extra bit of personality.

I have instructed the Google Search Console that is...

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The Business Value of Product Design

Too often we teach young designers about 'user centered' design without talking about why. There is nothing altruistic to the business of “providing a great experience for the user”.

Here are eight ways how designers create business value. Just like any other profession.

Product design as a service can:

  1. Reduce development costs, because it makes estimating effort more accurate and guided.
  2. Avoid expensive mishaps and avoid inefficient solutions being implemented.
  3. Increase organic engagement and retention rate by making sure that the interface is predictable, comfortable and convenient.
  4. Enable the ability to manipulate desired interactions that can increase revenue.
  5. Increase sales by making sure we reduce the frustration of the potential buyer and motivate them to a purchase.
  6. Help identify future opportunities. With testing and research we are able to quantify the needs and wants of the target audience.
  7. Benefit in gaining a competitive advantage. With well researched de...
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