Websites Loading Could Speed Up 7x With This

A new method has been introduced that can help reduce the time to load a website by 50% or more! It could be one of the most impactful new ways of displaying pages on the internet.

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Finding the Right Balance Between Creative and Effective Design

People think of 'design' as expensive and simply pretty objects. Yet, we also all know the saying: “Form follows function” (coined by architect Louis Sullivan). Where the line between creativeness and effectiveness lies, is hard to tell.

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Picking a Niche and the Success of This Blog

I've been reading several books on writing a successful blog, good personal brand and everything in between. (Zak Slayback's How To Get Ahead and Platform by Michael Hyatt are definite highlights.)

They are all practically the same strategy. I'll summarize them:

  1. Set a goal for yourself.
  2. Pick a niche target audience.
  3. Satisfy a proven need of this audience.
  4. Write a message/story you want to keep repeating.
  5. Be consistent and keep going.

That is why I have decided –after long thought– to focus on making the design industry accessible for all. Demystifying designer news, processes, and provide commentary on industry trends from the perspective of a layman.

This means my target group are people that see the benefit of design, but don't feel the need to understand it deeply....

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