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Find Similar Websites to the One You Like

I wanted to give you a cool trick I use occasionally.

Google allows you to search for related websites to the one you entered.

All you do is use the related: keyword followed...

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The Business Value of Product Design

Too often we teach young designers about 'user centered' design without talking about why. There is nothing altruistic to the business of “providing a great experience for the user...

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One Personality Trait as a Motivator

During an interview, I was asked what got me out of bed every day.

It’s not money. (I like a roof above my head.) It’s not the “need to be #1”. (I am aggressively competitive.) P...

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Mentorships for All is Unrealistic

Telling people to find a mentor is a great idea. It’s not practical.

For every mentor there are 10 000 persons that would want one.

Mentors are personalized. They know you. Sac...

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Your Competitors Are Not Where You Think

Your competitors are not the services and products that are either similar, or the same to you.

Your competitors are the owners of products and services that are solving a simila...

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