The more you market yourself the more successful you will be. Signing up to the most popular social media will help you in that.

So that's what I did. I created a tens of social media accounts everywhere. I've found the ones in this post the most effective.

I'll talk about what to prepare, and where to create social media profiles as an entrepreneur.

Recognize You Need the Attention

You, as an entrepreneur, should work on your personal brand religiously. It has been called for in numerous books. And for good reason.

It's easy to see what succesful people have in common. They are vocal about themselves and their industry.

Because, a project can fail. Your business can go under. But your reputation? That will stay.

Think of Oprah, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk. Everyone knows who they are. A lot of projects of them fail. Yet, their name is more than those failures. It's all because they treated themselves as a brand.

Now, I am not saying you should strive for world fame. That's a hard one. But making yourself known in the niche will result in opportunities and connections. I've learned that first-hand.

So let's take to first steps to our branding treatment: Choosing your social media 'handles' (the username at the end of a URL).

The Secret of Naming the Profiles

When creating your own profiles, your strategy should be to to use your actual name for the handles. Try adding an initial if need be.

I have a name with an uncommon spelling. And that's great. I can usually snatch up the handle "Geffrey".

When you can't use your full name, you can try using industry keywords. For example 'DeveloperMichael', or 'IllustratorJulia'.

If you don't want to pigeonhole yourself, the alternatives are similar to:

  • 'theGeffrey',
  • 'realGeffrey',
  • 'askGeffrey' or
  • 'helloGeffrey'.

3 Steps to Writing a Bio That Works

Most platforms allow to add a short description of yourself. Treat this 'bio' like an elevator pitch. This time you're selling yourself in 3 seconds. Because that is how long visitors will look at your profile.

I have found it effective to include:

  • my target audience,
  • what problem I solve,
  • how I solve it

My bio for most platforms is as follows:

Exploring how we can consistently design successful apps.

That works pretty well. Leave your bio in the comments if you want to discuss it.

How to Dress Up the Profile and be Memorable

You will need great photos of yourself.

Why? Because people will be connecting to you as a person. Not with a product. And definitely not as an sillhouet.

A professionally taken head shot can build trust and promote engagement. Oh. And smile with your whole face. It's so much nicer.

Pick one photo of the session and reuse it everywhere. You know I do.

The same goes for your graphics. Let your designer prepare you graphics specific for every platform.

Tried and Tested Social Media Platforms

These are the platforms I can recommend any entrepreneur.

Tweet on Twitter

The biggest benefit of Twitter is that you can stay up to date with people you care about, professionally. It is one of the few mediums that helps building a community.

Twitter allows you to build your personal brand effectively. One tweet at the time.

Answer Questions on Quora

A still underrated brand building platform is Quora. It's one of the most active question and answer forum on the internet.

You will be able to show your expertise by answering questions of your target niche.

Quora allows you to link to a relevant article in an answer. A perfect opportunity to get some more attention to your blog/product.

Upvote Products on Product Hunt

I created a Product Hunt account shortly after it transitioned from a email list. It has been my go-to time waster since.

The sheer size of the platform makes it a hotspot of new launched products and their makers.

The platform allows you to get immediate feedback and connect with early-adopters. The community is great.

Share With Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers is a favorite of mine. The community consists of persons that build online projects to generate revenue.

If you are one of those people and you haven't dabbled with that community go sign up, now.

Read it on Reddit

Reddit is a universe on its own. It is unbelievable how many forums (subreddits) there are on entrepreneurship. Some of greater quality than the others.

Here is a list of the subreddits I find engaging:

  • /r/SideProject
  • /r/Startups
  • /r/Entrepreneur
  • /r/Madethis
  • /r/Indiebiz
  • /r/Smallbusiness
  • /r/Ladybusiness
  • /r/Growmybusiness
  • /r/Roastmystartup

Do not only create a profile. Engage with the communities on there. It's so much fun once you get the hang of it. Also it packs incredible value.

I am very curious what you make of your profiles. Connect with me on Twitter! (@askGeffrey)