How I Optimize Writing A Blog Post Daily (Tips and Tools)

Making a habit of writing is difficult. I knew I had to come up with a way that would allow me to write fast and efficient. This is how I approach it.

  1. Today’s topic is chosen the night before. This helps my brain go over the things I want to share. In the morning I’ll let my thoughts go during my morning routine.
  2. When that is done, I open iA Writer on my 6th gen iPad with Logitech keyboard. In there I jot down my premise and outline. (Note: I haven’t turned off my nightly Do Not Disturb mode on any of my devices.)
  3. Because I do not want to be late for work, I write everything that comes to mind on that topic. I do not do any editing during this.
  4. After work, I take time to edit the post. To remove any redundancy. Additionally, I try to apply an active voice in my writing.
  5. I run it through when I am somewhat satisfied with what I've written to get rid of spelling issues.
  6. The last step is that I put it up for preview and check how it looks on the blog itself. It's easy to copy from iA Writer because this blog running on Grav CMS takes Markdown.

This is my checklist for every post. I don't publish anything before I have a 'yes' or 'close enough' on these items:

  • Is the content what my readers like to read?
  • Is it written in a language the reader uses?
  • Is the value proposition near the beginning?
  • Is the article skim and scan proof? (Does it include bullet points, lists, or images?)
  • Are the paragraphs short enough to engage readers?
  • Does the content flow logically from one point to the next?
  • Does the article link out to other ideas and related topics?

I am currently reading-up on Ken Davis and his SCORR method. A way of effective communicating. Michael Hyatt sparked my interest when he mentioned he uses it for his blog in Platform. Expect a post on that.😁

Thank you again for reading and see you tomorrow!

Ps. Ken Davis and Michael Hyatt look like these typical snake-oil 'speaking' gurus. Hyatt specifically has a very actionable, down-to-earth book called Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. No snake oil. I recommend it.

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