A Defensive Attitude Makes You Tired and Sad

Like everyone, I occasionally feel tired and sad.

Most of the time that is when I had a period of a defensive attitude towards work (and life).

Only reacting to what the world throws at me. “Respond to this notification.” “RSVP to that meeting”; “work on this ticket”.

We slip in this mode because it doesn’t require thinking.

Playing defence keeps me in a state of worry. Wondering if I am making any progress. Anxious about what the next day holds.

This is a reminder for us to shift back from defence to offence.

Make your goals visible. Make your expectations known.

Stop only solving problems and minimising risk. Stop focusing on others and their priorities.

Instead, be proactive. Rewrite your to-do list with that what helps you get where you want to be.

(If that is doing tasks your boss dictates, so be it. Add your own, too.)

Find ways to improve processes. Try something new. Prioritise your own goals. Take back control.

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