Blog Update: New Domain Name, Extra Functionality and Email List

It's exciting to see that the blog is growing. As of today we've hit 300+ unique visits! That might not sound a lot, yet I think that is the most traffic this site has ever seen.

No worries. The analytics are completely anonymous and GDPR compliant. Read my privacy policy here.

I have introduced two new features to the website.

  1. The single article views now have a 'previous post', 'random', and 'next post' link. According to analytics (and common sense) a big part of my visitors bounced on those pages. This will help the visitor discover more posts.
  2. On the homepage, every three posts I will ask the visitor to join my little email list. 15 awesome people have subscribed already! I appreciate each one of you. See you tomorrow in your inbox! 😄

As you might have noticed, the blog has a new domain name. I hope the current ( gives the website just that extra bit of personality.

I have instructed the Google Search Console that is the new permanent address. Traffic from should be redirected here. Let me know if something broke.

Have a great weekend!