About Geffrey van der Bos

A headshot photograph of Geffrey van der Bos

I’m Geffrey, a Product Designer. I help Bitfactory GmbH realise enterprise scale software products.

I’ve spent the past 10+ years learning and working across digital design and marketing;

  • Product Strategy
  • UI / UX for apps
  • Communication Theory
  • Brand and Marketing

These days my time I spent learning, teaching, designing, and making. Everything, to make product design more accessible to software companies.

You’re likely to find me sitting in front of my computer. Listening to extreme metal music and drinking coffee from my black thermos.

When I am not staring at a screen I enjoy lifting weights, messing with our smart home, and walks in the forest.

Competences I pride myself in:

  • helping clients better understand their customers. That, by user testing and defining user journeys;
  • facilitating design sprint workshops to discover solutions to complex problems,
  • prototyping and testing to confirm the viability of those solutions.
  • Designing engaging visual interfaces based on design systems.
  • Assisting product teams by bridging the gaps between client teams, design, and development.
  • Help stakeholders make educated decisions by explaining complex technical concepts, simply.
  • Facilitate organisational changes. To introduce design thinking to more traditional product development approaches.
  • Writing effective user stories/epics, so that every stakeholder is clear on what goes where and why

My contact information

Connect with me on Linkedin, hit me up on Twitter — or shoot me a direct on Instagram.

You can also email me at hey@geffreyvanderbos.com (email).


This blog is build on Grav CMS with a theme I put together myself. It's hosted on a shared server from Namecheap. The domainname is registered there as well.

My URL Shortener (geff.re) is done with Yourls.

Geomanist is the typeface you are reading this in.

I keep track of ideas and posts in Ulysses. I've made Siri shortcuts that allow me to dictate quick thoughts.