About Geffrey and His Design Blog

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Hey. 👋🏻. My name is Geffrey van der Bos. I am a digital product designer.

This is my personal blog. My believe is that design has become a cesspool of jargon and complicated methods. My mission is to make design accessible to all.

I write on product design, marketing and consumer technology. My goal is to create an easy-to-read resource about design. For business owners, entrepreneurs and makers. People that want to keep up to date, yet don't feel the need to deep dive into the industry.

As a leader, [Geffrey] watches closely and caters to his colleagues’ learning needs and experience, and is very happy to pass on all the knowledge he has. — Sally Amin, Freelance Visual Designer

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My Professional Biography

I was 14 years old when my parent's signed me up for an HTML course. We ended up winning the national competition with our website “Hoera Verkeer!”.

A few years and bad album covers later, I started diving into my own website. I hosted it on my computer, opened some ports and couldn't be more proud to see my ‘Hello world’ on a friend's monitor.

Skip forward a few years and over a few bad decisions. I start studying International Communication at Hanze University Groningen.

During that course, I've developed as a communications professional. I ended up doing a student exchange in Stuttgart, Germany. I studied Visual Communication at the Hochschule Der Medien.

A perfect fit for a design driven communications professional.

During a party I met my current employers, Andreas Gawelczyk and Matthias Nagel. I've did an internship with that amazing team, and a few years later they asked me to work full time with them.

I've been exploring the position of lead Product Design ever since.

My contact information

Never hesitate contacting me. Connect with me on Linkedin, hit me up on Twitter — or shoot me a direct on Instagram.

You can also email me at hey@geffreyvanderbos.com (email). I'll get back to you within the day.


This blog is build on Grav CMS with a theme I put together myself. It's hosted on a shared server from Namecheap, and the domainname is registered there as well.

My personal URL Shortener (geff.re) is based on Yourls.

Geomanist is the typeface you are reading this in.

The newsletter is (for now) done with TinyLetter.

I keep track of ideas and posts in Ulysses. I've made Siri shortcuts that allow me to dictate quick thoughts.

I keep up to date with Feedly, often visit Product Hunt and getting started with Indie Hackers.

Most posts I write in Ulysses and check for readability in Hemingway Editor.